Steuererklärung - Minijob and later Angestellt (English)

  • Hello, sorry about the English. Responses in German are welcome.

    I have a question about filling out a Steuerklärung.

    From 01.01.2016 until 14.05.2016, I was employed with a Minijob earning less than 450 Euros per month. This income was not taxed, but instead the typical 2% Pauschale was paid by the employer. From 15.05.2016 until 31.12.2016, I was employed full time and taxed normally at Steuerklasse 1.

    Question: do I need to include the income from my Minijob on my Steuererklärung at all? As I understand, I do not need to do this. This leaves the first 4.5 months of my Steuererklärung blank, which is apparently not recommended.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    I can recommend to use a tax Software like "Wiso Steuersparbuch 2019". Don't be confused by the year. "2019" is for the tax year 2018.

    I copy the text from that Software as obviously you are speaking German:

    Minijob (pauschal versteuert)

    Wenn der Arbeitslohn pauschal versteuert wurde, bleibt dieser bei einer Veranlagung zur Einkommensteuer außer Ansatz und muss nicht in der Einkommensteuererklärung angegeben werden.
    In Ihrer Steuererklärung geben Sie die Beträge aus einem pauschal versteuerten Minijob zwar gar nicht an, Sie müssen aber für die Gewährung der Arbeitnehmersparzulage angeben, dass Sie einen Minijob hatten.
    Diese Angabe ist wichtig, damit geprüft werden kann, ob Sie gegebenenfalls eine Förderung bekommen.

  • Thank you for the response.

    This is more or less what I had in mind, that I should be including the fact that I had a Minijob, but not necessarily including the amount earned. My only problem now, is that I am not sure where on the Steuererklärung to add this information.

  • Check out this page:

    A tax software costs 15 - 35 euros. I would recommend you to invest in a software, which makes your life much easier. I am using Wiso Steuersparbuch and I like it. Also, if you stick to that software from year to year, a lot of information can be copied into the next year (Your private details, bank account, tax ID, your employer once you have a long term contract etc etc). I would not recommend to use Elster as this is not very user friendly and in addition you are neither a tax expert nor German mother tongue.

    Good luck.