An ode to Trade Republic

  • I guess I am one of the oldest people posting on

    I would never claim to be a digital native and was very afraid of using a broker that only is existing as an APP

    However, I am pleasantly surprised at how awesome Trade Republic is.

    Why am I so happy with Trade Republic??

    :thumbup:When I did my post ident my place of birth was entered incorrectly - I informed TR and they corrected the error :thumbup:

    :thumbup:It is so easy to set up the "Freistellungsauftrag" - simply in the APP - no paperwork :thumbup:

    :thumbup:All questions are answered within 7,5 hours :thumbup:

    :thumbup:the support workers are very friendly and polite :thumbup:

    :thumbup: it is very easy to change your reference account - simply do so within the APP - no paperwork :thumbup:

    Even for old guys like myself, Trade Republic is a pleasure to work with.

    If it was any more enjoyable to work with Trade Republic then I would be happy to pay a "Vergnügungsteuer" ;)