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    Hello, sorry about the English. Responses in German are welcome.

    I have a question about filling out a Steuerklärung.

    From 01.01.2016 until 14.05.2016, I was employed with a Minijob earning less than 450 Euros per month. This income was not taxed, but instead the typical 2% Pauschale was paid by the employer. From 15.05.2016 until 31.12.2016, I was employed full time and taxed normally at Steuerklasse 1.

    Question: do I need to include the income from my Minijob on my Steuererklärung at all? As I understand, I do not need to do this. This leaves the first 4.5 months of my Steuererklärung blank, which is apparently not recommended.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!